What is the Audi Foundation?

The Audi Foundation is a corporate philanthropic foundation founded by Audi Australia in 2016 and funded by Audi Australia and the Audi Australia Dealer Network. We use private resources to deliver public benefit. Our primary method of support is through our Grants Program, where we provide funding to not-for-profit organisations that share our focus and ambition.

What do you do?

Our purpose is to help strengthen the communities in which we operate.

What are your areas of focus?

We support programs that are proven successful. Our current interests include:

  • Helping women secure employment in non-traditional environments.
  • Helping strengthen rural and regional Australia.
  • Assisting unemployed in re-entering the workforce.
  • Assisting young people in achieving their potential through improved health and educational outcomes.

How does a program or a charity qualify for your support?

The following funding principles underscore our approach to grant making:

  • The programs/partners we choose to support must align with our purpose and our focus.
  • We will only support programs/partners that are proven successful and have a compelling narrative.
  • To receive a grant from the Audi Foundation, an organisation must have Deductable Gift Recipient Status as defined by Australian Taxation Laws.
  • We are limited to providing funding support within the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • We do not accept any unsolicited requests for funding. Instead, we seek to identify then research programs with outstanding outcomes.

How do I contact the Audi Foundation?